The Art of London Indian Wedding ImagesComputer systems and mobile phones, mobility and microchips – these are the trademarks of the world today. We dwell in a world regularly modified by technology. Even the arts have regularly modified because of technology. Think of it: from charcoal drawings to painting to images to digital images, we’ve got… Read More

George Harrison - Bhaktivedanta Manor - Hare Krishna Temple WatfordDespite The Beatles unbelievable fame and fortune, because of the pressures of touring as well as the continuous attention from public as well as media, satisfaction and also happiness had escaped them. In 1967 they travelled to Rishikesh. This journey to India belonged to an abrupt… Read More

The majority of the Indian weddings are grand occasions with mythological rituals, decorations, customizeds, traditional gowns and heavy decorations. The ceremonies are quite grand and it can be quite hard to plan wedding event decors. Decoration is one of the crucial and most considerable parts of Indian wedding events. Various places are decorate… Read More

Wedding cakes play a significant function in the wedding party. Some bride-to-be really prepare their entire wedding day around the style of their cake. While traditional white, tiered cakes topped with the bride-and-groom figures are still primary, vibrant cakes depicting kooky styles and personally-significant tableaux have taken a strong hold on… Read More